Elizabeth, We Love You

Elizabeth Frazier and Her Parents at High School Graduation

We are Elizabeth Frazier’s parents. We love our daughter unconditionally, and always will. We are very concerned for her health and safety based on current ways in which she is acting out. We continue to hope and pray that Elizabeth will seek and find the help that she needs.

Out of respect for her privacy, we have remained silent for years in hopes that Elizabeth would continue to build on the professional care that we provided her as a young adult and not give up on her healing journey out of love for herself, her husband and five beautiful children. Unfortunately, in recent months, her story, which has evolved and changed significantly over the years, has been garnering new attention and we are concerned both for her and the advocacy organizations that could be negatively impacted by repeating and promoting it. Her current story is not at all true and we are able to provide evidence disproving it.

We encourage advocacy groups, podcast hosts, and media organizations to review the information included in this website and reach out to us with any remaining questions regarding the legitimacy of Elizabeth’s story. We want to be fully transparent and provide information supporting the truth behind Elizabeth’s upbringing and inaccurate claims of being sex trafficked by her family. We believe that by continuing to cover her current story, well-meaning podcasters and interest groups are discouraging Elizabeth from getting the help that she needs and inadvertently victimizing her.