Questions and Answers

Q: Why have you now decided to speak out?

A: In April 2021 our daughter Elizabeth was part of a panel at a symposium for a foundation in Logan, Utah which fights sex-trafficking of children. Although she has been featured on podcasts, never, to our knowledge, had she been so bold and extreme in her claims as she was in that venue. Many people from our neighborhood were present and heard her speak. Because they knew us, knew our family, and had witnessed Elizabeth’s life as it unfolded, they were very concerned that she had been given the forum to tell her unfounded stories.

A group of concerned members of our community, including those who follow and support foundations which fight sex trafficking, met with us in an effort to find out how Elizabeth was getting such publicity in the trafficking circle, as they know her claims are not legitimate. An expert in anti-trafficking was present at the meeting and assured the group that they believe Elizabeth’s story is false after listening to her speak on more than one occasion. Naturally, the group became concerned about the legitimacy of any speakers invited by foundations they were supporting.

Q: Why have you stayed silent for so long?

A: We haven’t spoken out about Elizabeth’s claims until now out of concern for her health. We were willing to suffer in silence in hopes that she was on the path to healing. We now realize she is progressing further into her illness and being inadvertently encouraged by those giving her a platform to share her false narrative.

Q: Do you have compelling evidence that refutes Elizabeth’s claims?

A: We have a retired lawyer who has volunteered his time to interview many individuals of all ages who had been acquainted with Elizabeth during her childhood and as a young adult. These include other family members, close friends who spent time with Elizabeth daily, mentors, an employer, and a roommate. All gave him important information to help us piece together a timeline of dramatically shifting stories of abuse.

Elizabeth’s story has evolved significantly over the years and shown no consistency in what she believes happened to her. In her late teens and 20s, she made numerous rape accusations against neighbors, family members, acquaintances, and strangers that could not be substantiated by law enforcement and in some cases were not even possible. She later apologized, in writing, to one of the men she had accused admitting that she had made up the accusation. She also stated that her parents performed brain surgery on one of her brothers in the basement of their home to remove his corpus callosum. She contends that her parents forced her into pornography beginning as a young child and continuing as she got older. Her narrative then changed to Satanic ritual abuse, then to rape by a family member, and in recent years to being sex trafficked by her parents.

Q: What is your primary goal by speaking out?

A: At the present time we are moving forward to try to help Elizabeth discern reality from imagination, to limit the growth of her inaccurate story, and prevent foundations, individuals and others from losing credibility in the public eye.

Q: What are you asking from media wishing to cover her story?

A: Accepting Elizabeth’s current story at face value, without reviewing the contradictory details is irresponsible and is likely to damage Elizabeth and the survivor community. We believe that by continuing to cover her current story, well-meaning podcasters, journalists and interest groups are making it less likely that Elizabeth will seek the help that she needs and inadvertently victimizing her. This is why we are asking you to review this material and to reach out to us with any additional questions.

Q: Given the opportunity, what would you like to say to Elizabeth?

A: Although Elizabeth has made it clear that she wishes to have no contact with us now, we would tell her that “we love you NO MATTER WHAT issues you are facing. In our last call with you, you stated that you feel the same toward us. Our love for you will never change. We pray for you and your family frequently as we did for you when we worked to get you the very best help possible when you were a young adult. We want to support you on your healing journey. We will do what it takes to help you.”

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

A: Contrary to Elizabeth’s claims, we have never threatened legal action against her, her family, or any advocacy group that has promoted her story. We have only presented verifiable facts to those who were willing to listen. Our objective is to help prevent others from losing credibility and inadvertently victimizing Elizabeth in the process.