Factual Information Provided by the Family and Friends of Elizabeth Frazier

Allegation: Elizabeth claims to have been sex trafficked by her parents weekly or multiple times a week from age 4 through her mid 20s.

Fact: Elizabeth was taken to annual physical check ups by a pediatrician throughout her childhood. She also received sports physicals by a physician during high school and college as part of her eligibility to play team soccer. At no time did a physician ever report that Elizabeth had any inappropriate bruises, cuts, scars, or damage to her body due to sexual activity.

Fact: Elizabeth was taken to the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake by her mother in 2004 where she was interviewed by a female detective regarding Elizabeth’s claims of rape. Her mother was not present for the interview giving Elizabeth the opportunity to speak openly and truthfully with the officer. After investigation, the rape case was cleared due to a lack of evidence substantiating Elizabeth’s claims. At no time did Elizabeth tell the officer that she was being sex trafficked.

Fact: Elizabeth’s parents provided her with regular sessions with well-respected and licensed psychologists and psychiatrists in Utah. Never did she ever bring up sex trafficking or abuse by her parents even though she had multiple opportunities to do so.

Why would her parents take her to a pediatrician, the police department, and counseling sessions if they were sex trafficking her? It is not logical that none of these professionals would see physical and/or emotional signs of abuse and NOT report them to the proper authorities.

Allegation: On April 17, 2021, Elizabeth participated in The Malouf Foundation Human Trafficking Policy and Education Summit in Logan, Utah. During the summit, Elizabeth states that she was sex trafficked by her parents for the first 23 years of her life.

Fact: Her previous claims indicate that she was trafficked from four-years-old through her mid-20s. A slight, but significant change showing that she is not consistent in her story. A true survivor remembers details because they relive the moments over and over.

Allegation: During this same summit, Elizabeth alleges that she asked for a female police officer to be present at her 2004 interview but the police department told her that one was not available and acted as if it wasn’t a big deal.

Fact: Elizabeth was interviewed by a female investigator privately, with no other officers present in the room. This is proven in a copy of the police report available to media through the GRAMA.

Allegation: Elizabeth claims that she confronted her parents in front of authorities in the church that she and her family belong to.

Fact: A witnesses in the room for the meeting between Elizabeth, her husband Mike, and Elizabeth’s parents says that there was never any confrontation and that the couple had a letter for her parents but would not review any allegations with them. Instead, they walked out of the meeting before addressing any concerns that they had.

Allegation: In an October 19, 2008 letter to her parents, Elizabeth and her husband Michael claim that she had flashbacks to family members being involved in her ritual abuse. They would not say who, when or how.

Fact: Claims of Satanic ritual abuse were prevalent in Utah in the early 1990s resulting in multiple police investigations, none of which were able to be proven. Elizabeth and her husband refuse to provide any description of acts, general dates, times, locations, people involved etc. making it impossible to substantiate their claims. The family welcomes any facts that can be researched and independently investigated by the proper authorities.

Allegation: During a six-month period in 2003, Elizabeth claimed to have been raped by upwards of 15 men. This was prior to her allegations of having been sex trafficked by her parents.

Fact: On one occasion, a trusted adult who Elizabeth confided in took her to the hospital to have a sexual assault examination performed and for two hours, Elizabeth refused to get out of the car and go inside leaving the neighbor to assess that Elizabeth’s claim of rape was fabricated.

Fact: On at least three occasions, Elizabeth later apologized for lying about being raped. She said that she felt badly about telling the lies and accusing innocent men of rape and how it deeply affected their lives.

Allegation: In the 12th edition of AwareNow magazine which can be found online, Elizabeth states “Once I felt safe within myself and had a network of people I felt safe with, I was ready to break away and involve law enforcement if necessary…”

Fact: Elizabeth’s parents have never been investigated for child abuse, sex trafficking, producing pornography, Satanic ritual abuse or any of the claims Elizabeth has touted. Her parents welcome an investigation by the proper authorities at any time and are willing to fully cooperate.